Friday, November 18, 2011

A couple Yucatán fruits

In April 2011, I traveled to the Yucatán peninsula. This was a place that I'd been aching, absolutely aching to go to. Top reasons were its cenotes – freshwater sinkholes with crystal-clear turquoise water, often found in limestone caves – and its diversity of plant and animal life.

A couple fruits that I managed to nab at a small supermarket in the less touristy areas surrounding Playa Del Carmen:

Cainito Fruit, or Star Apple
It's called the star apple because you're supposed to bisect it properly.  (Oops.) I got a green-skinned variety, though there are purple ones as well.

Its insides were a gorgeous magenta and white hue. Taste-wise, it was creamy and mildly sweet, a bit of melon and a bit of sour grape. Texture-wise, it was very soft and pulpy.

Custard Apple
The exterior was a bit reptilian, though not as nearly as much as the snakefruit's. Another interesting name for it is Bullock's heart – you can see why. Its flesh was soft and milky, tasting a little bit like banana and pineapple, but more tart. Didn't taste very custard-like to me, it was much too tart for that.


P.S. Check out Playa del Carmen!