Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wishlist for Blogger UI (ongoing)

Here's a list of UX complaints I have with Blogger. Will add more as I become more familiar with the interface.

WARNING: Probably won't make sense to non-Blogger users. And in either case this is not titillating material.
  • Make it quicker to publish a post by moving the Publish button to the bottom part of the right panel. That's a standard spot for action buttons (e.g., Save).

    It's also the fastest to get to. It takes some time for my mouse to locate the Publish button's hot spot currently since it's in the centerish of the top panel. (When I'm writing a post, my mouse is not usually resting at the top of the screen – it's resting somewhere in the post body.) And as Fitt's Law dictates, it's speediest to move your mouse to the four corners of the screen.
Here's what I see at the top of my screen.

  •  Shorten the pathway to customizing the blog's appearance. It takes way too long to get to the 'Edit CSS' area. The current pathway is: Dashboard → Template → Customize → Advanced → Add CSS. I know it's not a basic feature, but if a user's obviously not using a default template, there's a good chance that they're tweaking CSS and could benefit from a shortcut somewhere.

    I think that this "Design" link in the topnav

    should immediately go to the "Customize" view:

    It's more likely that a user's going to want to customize their current theme, vs. picking a new skin and starting from scratch – that's a more drastic, less frequent action.

  • Better image integration. I can't really embed slideshows or utilize any other sexy gallery navigation.

  • Offer themes that people will actually want to use. Tumblr's beautiful themes are enough for me to want to drop blogger. It's only due to account centralization that I haven't gone there yet.