Friday, December 2, 2011

November Highlights

– Seeing San Francisco from two new angles:

– Re-watching two of my favorite movies of all time: Pan's Labyrinth and Nightmare Before Christmas.

– Attending a Disney dinner party, where the theme was "kiddie treats with an adult twist." We ate homemade full-size bagel bites, drank Capri Sun, and watched Lion King in Blu-Ray.  Somehow, this movie has gotten better since the first time I saw it.

I love Rafiki. I tried not to think about how real-life male baboons beat the sh*t out of female baboons and was able to preserve my warm feelings towards Rafiki.

– Listening to Radiolab live. Hearing two blind men debate the importance of sight. "They told my wife, 'you're lucky, he'll never see you age. You'll always be as young as the last day he saw you.'"

– Kayaking the Loxahatchee River, with its tangled mangrove roots, black water, and fallen palm trees.

– Picking a Christmas tree. I love the heavy evergreen scent in Christmas tree lots.

– For the very first time: mulling wine with cider, cloves, cinammon, brown sugar and star anise.

– Finally satisfying an ongoing caveman craving for a giant turkey leg.

– Watching Cirque du Soleil's Totem.  This by far was my favorite act.