Thursday, May 17, 2012

April Highlights

Yeah, it's almost the end of May...let's not talk about that.

April was a busy month.  Last month, I left my job at Jawbone to join a small startup. It wasn't an easy decision to make – I still miss my coworkers (and their puppies). But I'm truly grateful for the time I had there – in less than three years,  I went from not knowing really anything about software design (my background is more mechanical engineering + "design thinking") to becoming a full-on interaction/user experience designer specializing in web and mobile.

So, I can say I learned a lot. And hopefully that trend will continue as I tackle new problems in a new industry.

Anyway, here are some of the other highlights from this month:

– Hiked up a hill I'd always seen from afar but never visited: Bernal Heights.

– Learning coding from my friend Wei, who probably started coding from birth. He's also incredibly patient and has taught me how to use a Rack app, host it on Heroku, and play around with jquery.  I was able to redesign my site with several lessons, and now am learning Ruby on Rails and applying it to another project.  Exciting times.

– Saw Steph again :)

Me and mah girlfriends

– My dad came home for a weekend – so good having the family together. Miss you Dad! Not that you know I have a blog.

– Took a short weekend trip to Healdsburg, where I got to stay at my favorite kinda place – a quaint little b&b surrounded by a well-kept garden (camellias in this case).  I'm going to write more about it in another post, where I can inundate you with photos from my trip.  I'm going to try and do travel/getaway write ups more. Considering the rate at which my short-term memory is degrading, it will prove useful for future reminiscing.

– Had a lovely dinner party potluck with some of my favorite people.

– Did a nice (BUT SUPER HOT) hike at Mt. Diablo State Park.  Note to self: when one has allergies, one should make sure to be heavily medicated before attempting to interact with landscapes heavy with trees.

– Watched Schindler's List, finally.  Such a good movie, won't attempt to describe it. Made me Wikipedia things for an hour afterwards.

That last sentence there sounds stupid but there is truly a correlation between how good a movie is and how much I research it after watching it.

Best things I ate this month:

– Crispy Papaya Salad at Krua Thai (the best place for Thai food in the Mission, in my humble opinion). Deep fried salad... I feel like there is something severely wrong with that combination of words. But it was delicious.

– Burrata cheese with grilled bread and calabrian pepper jelly at SCOPA.  So FREAKING good. I am in love with burrata...I want to eat you all day...

– Also another dish at SCOPA:  tomato-braised chicken with polenta.  The chicken was sooooo soo tender, and the polenta was soft and warm and flavorful and mushy...with CRISPY bits..I would be a great food writer, no? I have never loved polenta as I did that night.

– Beef Stew Noodle Soup at King of Noodle.  The noodles are handmade – thick, irregular, infinitely long, and super chewy. Handmade noodles are the reason I hate spaghetti.

–  Lavender Earl Grey ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery.  I caved.  I live two blocks away from that place but always roll my eyes at the people willing to stand in line for half an hour for a scoop of ice cream.  Now I have joined the herd.

– Risque sparkling wine at Toad Hollow winery in Healdsburg.  It was sweet, melon-y, really refreshing, really fizzy, and I wish I had at least fifty cases stored somewhere.

– A Liege waffle from Goody Goodie Cream & Sugar with whipped butter (oh. my. Gooodddd) and Maldon Sea Salt.  I thought it was so puny, but that thing actually fills you up.  Don't tell me it's because of the amount of butter crammed into that thing. I don't want to hear it.

The waffle was extremely dense, rich and sweet. Their website tells me that they mix their "brioche dough with Turbinado sugar which helps caramelize the waffle while it cooks"....good lord save me.