Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cotton candy apriums (apricot-plum hybrid)

I'm envious of the biologists or whoever get to name varieties of fruit. (These are actually written out as "Cot-N-Candy" but not a big fan of that...)

This fruit looks like a smaller peach from afar, but is actually a hybrid fruit – an apricot crossed with plum.  It's more apricot than plum though, which is apparent in its orange skin and flesh, and slight fuzziness.  The deeper red flushes are what give it its peachy look.

My (small) hand here for scale
I actually dislike apricots and plums by themselves, but I love their baby! Rather than being tart, these were incredibly sweet, an entirely different flavor altogether – think honeydew (with denser flesh) with a hint of plum.

Something new I learned that day: pluots, apriums, plumcots, and apriplums are all hybrids of apricot + plum, but it's the percentage of each fruit that makes the difference.  Apriums are genetically 75% apricot and 25% plum.  (If only the division of familial traits for people were as straightforward...)

At the Glen Park Farmer's Market holding my treasures
I bought these babies at the Glen Park Village farmer's market for $5/lb (on the pricier side but so worth it) from Kashiwase Farms. They have so many varieties that sound AMAZING that I must try can you turn down fruit with these names?:

  • Sunlit snow peach
  • Spring snow white peach
  • Polar white nectarine
  • Arctic Star white nectarine

Marketing geniuses.

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