Saturday, July 28, 2012

Australian Blood Lime (or the Red Centre Lime)

These are a cross between the red finger lime (which are deep red and finger-shaped) and the Rangpur lime (a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon).

They end up being lime-sized and gold hued, with intense red specks.

They're incredibly sweet and tart with very little lime undertones. I think they're a lot tastier than blood oranges too – the flavors are stronger and I think the tanginess helps.

(I also think blood oranges taste sweaty but so far no one has agreed with me on this one.)

I got these from the Alemany Farmer's Market in June.


  1. Hi, I too have had these 'Blood Limes' at the Alemany Farmer's Market and I love them as well. I love them so much, in fact, I've been trying to find a place to buy a tree that produces them so I can grow my own. The only trouble is, I don't think they're actually Australian Blood Limes, as all of the images I've found from nurseries look very different:

    They don't seem to have the oblong shape or the uniform skin coloration of a finger lime cross breed, they seem almost more like miniature Moro Oranges. I'd love to find out what they actually are and find out where to buy a tree to grow some myself.

    1. Hey pal. that is a blood orange in the picture, not a blood lime. And the blood lime was a cross between the Ellendale mandarin and the red{sanguiea} fingerlime. They are much smaller than the blood orange you have in picture.

  2. The fruit in your photographs are NOT blood limes, they are blood oranges. Blood oranges are a natural mutation of the more typical orange, and have been cultivated since at least the 18th century. Blood Limes are a more recent addition to the citrus family. They are a hybrid of the Australian native finger lime and the Ellendale mandarin, developed by Australia's CSIRO and released commercially for the first time in 2004. Blood limes are much. much smaller than blood oranges (only around 2 to 4 centimetres long and oval in shape) and have a dark red skin and a paler pinkish-red flesh, similar in colour to the red finger lime. This might explain why your fruit had very little in the way of "lime undertones". Real blood limes have an unmistakably lime flavour, though they are slightly sweeter than traditional limes. You can see pictures of real blood limes here:

  3. These are blood oranges, not blood limes. Blood limes are smaller than a walnut, oval shaped and with lighter pink flesh.