Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saturn Peach

From the top, it looks like a regular peach...

From the bottom, it looks like a regular peach...

But then from the side, it nearly disappears.

This peach variety is very appropriately named the Saturn Peach, after the planet's rings. Some other adorable alternate names include: the donut peach, saucer peach, belly-up peach, UFO peach.

I used to think these were gimmicky, eaten only because of their unique shape, but they actually taste wonderful. They're white fleshed, low acid, and very sweet – they're almost candy-like in their sweetness, with a honeyed, melting quality. They're supposed to have almond top-notes, but I didn't taste those – I was too distracted by the sweetness.

They're also convenient to eat. The flesh comes away easily from the stone, and peach juice won't find its way onto your face when you bite into it.

I do think I prefer the substantialness of "regular-shaped" peaches though – how heavy they feel in your hands. These are a little too small and flimsy for my tastes.

Oh, and someone thought they'd be clever by making a Donut Peach Donut – i.e., a real donut made of a donut peach.

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