Monday, September 17, 2012

SF Field Trip Design

My friend Lillian is launching a business called SF Field Trip, an events service that brings people together for fun trips in and around SF – think photography classes, hikes up to Mt. Tamalpais, and (what I'll likely be the first to sign up for) gourmet pizza making classes.  Lil's one of the most upbeat and enthusiastic people I know – and I'm sure that energy will translate to the events.

She asked me to help out with branding and identity work for the company, and I ended up designing a logo, business cards, and a website landing page. I was really excited about the company name, because it meant I got to play off the field trip/childhood concept with some cool retro imagery, like school buses... well as iconic SF landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge. We didn't end up picking these, but I still have a soft spot for this color palette.

Oh, they apparently look a bit like the Golden State Warriors logo, so I guess sports-related material does have a chance of sticking somewhere in my brain.

And this is the landing page that I ended up designing. It's pretty simple.

Bold colors, minimal text, and custom icons.

And the final color palette:


Congrats to Lillian for launching her business!

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