Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Its name comes from the Malaysian word for hair ("rambut"), and you can probably see why. They also remind me of miniature dragon fruit, with extra pointy scales.

The one in my hand is probably 130% the average size of one.

This fruit is NOT easy to peel. It's not going to make you bleed per se, but ripping it apart is not comfortable. If you've ever picked fresh chestnuts, it feels a little the same way: rubbery and spiky (though not as piercingly hard as chestnuts).

I ended up having to google "how to eat rambutan." A little sad. Apparently if you squeeze hard enough the outer shell pops open, but no matter how I tried, it wouldn't work. I ended up just ripping off the slight bump from which the stem attaches to the fruit, and that gave me a crack that I could enlarge and then ultimately use to rip the whole shell apart.

That was actually a really gruesome sentence.

The fruit is sweet and tastes like a firmer, chewier, dryer lychee...and it's hard to describe how lychees taste. Sweet, tropical, floral, a little citrusy. Texture-wise, it's like a very dense grape.

If I had to pick between a lychee or rambutan, I'd probably pick lychee because of this:

There's a fine, woody, papery husk on the pit that tends to stick to the flesh. It's very hard to separate and I found myself just eating it...more fiber right.

I got these at the Kea'au Village Market on the Big Island for $2 a bag that contained maybe about 10 rambutans.

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