Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend in Pescadero

Oh. Hey. Yeah, I'm alive.

Anyway, let's not go into why I disappeared from my blog for half a year. It has to do with work, a lot more traveling than I've ever done in my life, and let's be real here...Netflix. I cancelled it after a a brief flirtation turned quickly into a deep, disturbing addiction to really bad movies. (If only I could cancel the Internet too...)

Anyway, this past weekend we took a quick weekend getaway to the lovely old historic town of Pescadero. In true Half Moon Bay fashion, it was unbudgingly grey and overcast. I loved it though. Phone reception was also shoddy, and our B&B's wifi was nearly nonexistent, which meant that we were nearly off the grid.

So. We got to relax on the beach (I managed to fall asleep on the sand, even with these two little girls running around my head, holding large rocks, pretending to be birds caring for their nest?), explore the local bakery – which, every hour, bakes this hot soft chewy artichoke garlic herb bread that is AMAZING, and romp around in tide pools, which always manages to bring the five year old out in me.

I love tide pools. Sadly I can't really vouch for the tide pool sea life down by Pescadero – we only spotted a few anemone, hundreds of tiny crabs with toad-like faces, hermit crabs, and the usual sea detritus.

Here are the photos I took with my iPhone. Enjoy!