Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Mill, San Francisco

Let me wipe some of the dust off of this old blog...

It's been a crazy last few months, and am finally settling back into my old routine. I'm living in my own house (!) now, and there's something about the light here that naturally wakes me up early in the morning. I'm hoping I can make use of that time to be productive: maybe exercise, read, run, eat real breakfasts, and even write in here? Sadly so far I've spent it in bed online shopping for things I don't need.

Anyway, wanted to share a few photos from this weekend.

I had fancy toast at a place called The Mill. Thick crusty bread with the 'Tartine' custardy center. One slice with homemade nutella, the other with...butter and honey? Sadly was not paying attention.

The place belongs in Kinfolk Magazine.

Josey Baker is the man behind this bread. Last I heard of him, he was hand-delivering CSA-like deliveries of homemade bread around the city.  I'm really impressed with what's happened in the last couple years! If you read his blog you can see there is no one else who is so hyped up about bread...

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