Saturday, June 13, 2015

New coffee shops in San Francisco

(OK, well I'm going to pretend it hasn't been multiple years since I've written in here.)

Wanted to share a few snaps of new coffee shops that are popping up in SF that are definitely worth visiting.

Blue Bottle at Market Square

I used to work very close to here, and the only place to grab a decent cup of coffee was Ma'velous (go there for Stumptown). Now, as of May 2015, there are two options. It's a pretty small shop, but there are plenty of places to plop down right outdoors.

Blue Bottle Coffee
Market and 10th Street
San Francisco

Philz Coffee in the Dogpatch

It's here, while hyped up on their crack coffee, that I resolved to write in here again. I think I've finally found my alternative to weekend visits to Coffee Bar! There are large communal tables and comfy sofas (and wifi). A good place to work, if you enjoy hip hop playing in the background, which I do very much.

Philz Coffee
1258 Minnesota St
San Francisco

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