Sunday, September 20, 2015

Costa Rica Day 2: Tabacon Hot Springs

After our hike at La Fortuna Waterfall, we headed straight to Tabacon Hot Springs.

Arenal is known for hot springs – and they're a must-do. There are several to chose from, but there were only two to decide between based on what locals recommended to us: Tabacon and Baldi.

We decided not to go to Baldi because we heard it was "Vegas-like." Tabacon was way more expensive – it was $70 for a day pass, including a meal – but based on photos and reviews it looked much more natural. As in, the grounds were made to look as though you were actually situated in the rainforest.

The pool. (The only non-hot springs part of Tabacon.)

There are twelve pools throughout the property. Each is surrounded by lush greenery, and feels relatively private and enclosed. The hot springs are heated by rivers flowing from Arenal Volcano, and flow down purely by the force of gravity. The pools higher up in the property are actually hotter as the water cools as it flows.

Pro tip: If you come here, do NOT forget your sunscreen. We sadly forgot our sunscreen and a tube of NO-AD sunscreen cost us THIRTY DOLLARS. I'm still a little bitter.

(Note, there are also free hot springs across from Tabacon that the locals go to. I heard that they bring candles and go at night, and that's it's a magical experience. We didn't go because we opted for Tabacon and had no extra time.)

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