Saturday, October 3, 2015

Costa Rica Day 6-7: Nosara and Playa Pelada

I'm combining a couple days, because one was fully dedicated to transportation, i.e. sitting in an SUV as we made the drive from Monteverde to Nosara. I think one big learning for me was that while the freeways are fast (well, as fast as you can go in Costa Rica), you don't really get to enjoy the journey.

There were still beautiful views from the windows, don't get me wrong, but there weren't many stops we could make along the way. Lots of green, though, and teak tree plantations.

We did make a rest stop at a three-way junction. There's a restaurant next to a grove of mango trees, where macaws and howler monkeys hang out.

In Nosara, we stayed in Playa Pelada, which is a small, pretty, surprisingly quiet beach next to the busier Playa Guiones. I had imagined something like Hawaii, where there are clear asphalt roads and an open view of the beach from any point in town, but I was completely wrong.

What we found was thick jungle that abruptly stops at the ocean. In "town," the dirts are thin dirt trails, and virtually everyone travels by ATV (we spotted no taxis while we were there!). There's very little visibility (and signage) to help you get from one point to the other. If it weren't for an old worn out map that a former traveler had left behind in our Airbnb, we would've gotten lost many, many times.

And that's why we found ourselves running late and sprinting to Nosara Yoga Institute in the morning. Nosara is known for yoga and is where a lot of yogis train. I don't really do yoga, and I'm as flexible as concrete, but I did it anyway.

After yoga, we walked around the town (it was swelteringly hot), had smoothies and lots of water, and sat around on the beach.

For dinner, we went to La Luna, a beachside restaurant in Playa Pelada, and watched the sun set. And that was the sunset and end of our trip.

Goodbye Costa Rica.

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